Ocad 12 Orienteering tukee suoraan OSM karttojen noutoa Ocadiin. Tiedosto⇒Karttavelho toiminto tekee kaiken. Suosittelen. Ko. kartassa tehtävä kääntökorjaus saman verran kuin on korjaus muissakin Ocad-tiedostoissa. Käännä myös etelä-pohjois symbolit.

Well, no secrets, I just knew what to do - mostly simple and straight forward things when one gets hang of it. 

- Lidar download fron opentopo (30 min). 
- While it was downloading I downloaded OSM data of the same area from http://www.osm974.re/osm2gis/ and converted ti to the same projection as Lidar using ogr2ogr tool of gdal. Commands were 

set GDAL_DATA=C:\Program Files\GDAL\gdal-data 
"c:\Program Files\GDAL\ogr2ogr" -skipfailures -f "ESRI Shapefile" line.shp osm_line.shp -t_srs EPSG:26919 
"c:\Program Files\GDAL\ogr2ogr" -skipfailures -f "ESRI Shapefile" polygon.shp osm_polygon.shp -t_srs EPSG:26919 
(gdal/ogr2ogr is awesome) 
and zipped resulting shape files. 

- when lidar download was done I thinned (orginal data was 11 pt/m2) and retiled it to smaller tiles to be able to process them fast with several threads: 
> lastile *.laz -olaz -keep_random_fraction 0.2 
(lastools is awesome) 

then I let karttapullautin to process it. I set it in batch mode, 4 treads (I have 4 cores) and vector dataset type to OSM in the ini file of Karttapullautin. I placed laz tiles and the zip of re-projected shape files to input folder. I also checked guestimate of magnetig declination from http://magnetic-declination.com/ - itis not correct by close enough for this experiment. Then I started the process. I took about 50 minutes. (Pullautin isn't that awesome, but it makes some things somehow) 

When process was over I merged tiles with command: 
> pullauta pngmerge 1 
Then I opened resulting png image with a image editor and rotated, cropped and added frames and texts, saved as png and posted to picasa. (10 min). 

Ocad/OOmapper was not used here at all. One could use them for finishing it all.
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